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This is a place where you can find Rav Leuchter’s shiurim online. Feel free to navigate by category on the left side of the page, for a full bio of Rav Leuchter please see the “About Rav Leuchter” tab above. Certain shiurim are for member’s only. To become a member please sign up on the right hand side of the page. You can also see a list recent shiurim below.

A Note to our Visitors

After two years of publishing various shiurim, we came to a point, where we want our listeners to take an active role in the whole operation. This step was also motivated by the fact, that our dear friend who took upon himself to organize the place of the shiurim in Mea Shearim is moving on to new endeavors. We therefore need to produce the cash to pay for the location here in this Beis HaMedrash, and for other expenses.

This is the reason, we gave you the opportunity to be an active member of those shiurim, through donating any amount you feel is right for the cause with the new button on the left sidebar.

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement through your listening and self-work! I am always deeply touched and very happy with every feedback I get – and there are many!

Reuven Leuchter

New – possibility to order Books

We will try to make the new Book on Tefilla available through our website. You can click to order on Tefilla, or on אור ישראל and we will send it per post to the address provided in the pay-statement.

New — Book on Teshuva

Towards Elul a translation of the Hebrew book on Teshuva will be published. This will be a softcover publication, because it is a first edition, which needs still editing. We decided to publish anyway a limited amount, because of the benefit this book could provide in the process of doing Teshuva.

Whenever anyone is interested in sponsoring the work through an “iluy nishmas” this would be greatly appreciated. You can get a sample here


התחברות כהקדמה להתבוננות – הצורך לחיות ברוחניות.

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or yisrael Michtav 5 – 2

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Daas Tevunos 26 – 34

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The Background for Hisbonanus is connection – having a Hobby

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דעת תבונות כה – לד

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how to create hisbonanus

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How to do Hisbonanus

how to do hisbonanus Apple Generic from Reuven Leuchter on Vimeo.

שמות פרק כ”ו פסוק י”ז עד כ”ז

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Speech on the 15th Yarche Kallo Agudas Yisroel in Yerushalayim on the topic: Hisbonanus in Bircas Ha Mozon

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Daas Tevunos 18 – 26

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