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We moved to http://rabbileuchter.com עברנו כתובת ל: http://rabbileuchter.com

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Dear Friend

I am writing to you today as a fellow talmid of Rabbi Reuven Leuchter Shlita. As we begin Elul and prepare for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, I know that the world of Teshuva, of Avodas Hashem, and of Mussar, that I will try to work on in these coming days, is only possible because of what I have been taught by my/our Rebbe, Rabbi Leuchter, and I believe that many of you feel the same way.

R’ Yisroel ZT”L taught us that one way to be earn merits for the upcoming Yemei Hadin is to be of some benefit to the Klal. As you might know, Rabbi Leuchter is dedicated to the Klal in many different ways. Besides his recently published sefer on Teshuva, he has published many other works that have been received with great acclaim. Rabbi Leuchter gives many weekly shiurim across Israel to benefit a large population of bochurim and yungerleit, and for many of them, he is their only access to someone who is helping them grow.

(message from the students of Rav Leuchter and the staff of the website)

In addition to his many weekly shiurim throughout Israel, Rabbi Leuchter also travels the globe to places where there is great demand for his teachings, insights, and leadership. He also maintains his website so that everyone has an opportunity to listen to his different vaadim and shiurim. All of this is on top of the fact that he meets with tens of people each week, many who view him as their only address for discussing their personal and/or avodah issues.

It is hard for us to imagine anyone as dedicated to the Klal as Rabbi Leuchter is. We personally believe that it is up to each and every one of us to partner with Rabbi Leuchter in this endeavor, in any way that they can, so that they too can have a part in helping the Klal, in addition to the Hakaras Hatov that we feel towards Rabbi Leuchter.

We hope you feel privileged to become a partner in Rabbi Leuchter’s endeavors.


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Below are a sample of some of the Leadership Training Initiatives you can partner with through your donation:

  1. Shiurim/Vaadim
  2. 2 weekly vaadim (English and Ivrit) targeting Kiruv professionals
  3. Daas Tevunos shiurim
  4. Ohr Yisrael vaadim
  5. Sharei Orah shiurim
  6. Kiruv Vaad for mekarvim in the field
  7. Friday Kollel (pioneering healthy paths in Avodas Hashem, each avreich speaks about himself and his personal avodah)
  8. Weekday Kollel (Introducing a unique derech halimud for avreichim to become legitimate Talmidei Chachamim.  Rav Leuchter sits with each chevrusa pairing to discuss their thoughts on the sugia, and delivers a Mussar shmuz to the avreichim.
  9. Personal consultations

All monies donated directly support the above initiatives and ensure Rav Leuchter’s talents are most efficiently spent focused on building b’nei torah.

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