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Emuna is Central to Life – By Working on Birkos Hanehenin

This Shiur was said in front of  “Ba’alei Batim” in Far Rockaway.

We have a big task: To bring Emuna to our heart = To bring Emuna to the center of our life.   Like it’s said in the Pasuk: שמות ל”א, ו’ :  וּבְלֵב כָּל חֲכַם לֵב נָתַתִּי חָכְמָה

There is something that blocks us from saying a ‘Bracha’ at loud, why is that?
– Because Birkos Hanehenin  are not the center of our life!

We can change this by changing the concept of saying Birkos Hanehenin.
The main concept of Birkos Hanehenin is Ha’Karas Ha’Tov. Not all we get is self understood.
The perception of a Bracha is that you see the world with outlook of Ha’Karas Ha’Tov.

Birkos Hanehenin shows us that what we’ve ate and enjoyed is a little part from a much much bigger picture,  and that is the beginning of Emuna

By working on the concept of Birkos Hanehenin, we can make the Emuna to the central of our life.


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